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I've always loved sports and played baseball and football when I was growing up I love sports all sports that's all I do. About 10 years ago I started betting on them and I was hit and miss just picking the teams, not putting much thought into it. Well I got tired of losing. I'm a very competitive person and I realized that if you want to win you haft to put time into it. Just like anything else you get what you put into it after going places to get good info and doing alot of studying, I got really good. 

I specialize in mlb and nba. Over the last 4 yrs I've been 68% in nba and 70% in mlb and I take pride in my work. You can't win them all, you just have to know what games to strike on. I love to win and will profit you a ton of cash. Join my team and let the Hitman cash in for you!!!!