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More National Championships than Any Service has been documented by The Sports Monitor for the past 5 years. I have won 8 National titles..more than any documented service in the country. I am a one man show, age 65 and have had over 17 straight winning seasons. I work morning until the last game on the board.

I have made more money in this business than I can spend but I love what I do and I love making money for clients.

I'm agreesive...I am not a good fit for the recreational player . This is a business and I'm in this to win big. I have a huge following of seasoned players who understand this business. The winning prescription is to have you on the right side of every game. If I do that you will win more than you lose. i will have you on the right side of every game. Do your research !!

Check out my website. You will never meet anyone like me !!


National College Basketball winner 3 out of last 4 years !