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"Coastal" Caleb Hartley, has emerged as one of the best handicappers in the business.  He analyzes sports year round and incorporates statistics, trends and a unique combination of external factors and intangibles in order to provide his his incomparable logical analysis of matchups.  Each analysis combnes Caleb's skill as an accomplished writer and critical thinker; thus the "walking sports almanac" label.

This is an equation for success and not just in the short term.  It provides long term winning that includes monthly double digit profits consistently.  He incorporates numbers and trends into his research, but is better known for his unique ability to understand and acknowledge situational factors.  This gives him the edge over others in the industry.  "The Profit", his research methods and his unparalleled knowledge of the NBA, College Basketball and Football, NBA and ATP/WTA tennis will grant you with consistent winnings and a definite "profit" every season.  Just sit back, ass in the water, toes in sand and let me lay that money into your hand...

"Coastal" Caleb Hartley - Professional Sports Handicapper