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I have been a successful sports handicapper for 15 years. I began doing it for fun, but when i found i was able to pay my rent and tuition fees, I decided to do it as a profession. After graduation i moved to Las Vegas where I became famous as an NBA handicapper.


I am an NBA/MLB Specialist and have had profited in every season. My philosophy is always that NBA betting is a WIN and LOSE proposition, and that you can not risk too much and be taken out of the game. My key to sports betting is never lose control, maintain your emotions and dominate completely your risk.

When handicapping NBA i consider the risks, find good lines and beat the buzzer! I consider NBA live betting to be a great investment market, and also an important way for trading your bet. Finding value is crucial and sometimes you find it in unexpected picks and results, especially in live betting.

As well in MLB i went over 65% winnin rate in past three season and I ocues especially on underdog and totals market which i personally consider valuable factors in ball game.

In the last 3 seasons i closed with a 65% WIN rate on NBA and converted a complete 8-0 sweep in 2012 NBA playoffs. My players have enjoyed over a 25% yield and over 65% WIN on soccer/tennis picks.

Join my team and Beat The Buzzer!!!

Frank Buzz

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