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Last night finished up the 2016-2017 football season. We have started off our 6th year with yet another profitable season. (Year starts with COLFB-NFL Season). Sorry about the fact that it wasn't as good as we are used to but we did continue to grow our bankroll. We have been extremely fortunate as we are yet to have a losing season in now our 6th year of this service. 

I post all my plays on my facebook page and open to public after all games start.

UPDATED SERVICE PRICE 2-16-2017: I have had more people sign up for my yearly service so I was able to cut the price again from $800 a year to $600 year. Everyone who signed up over the past 5 months got $200 back. I doubt if I will go lower than this for my yearly price. I was very surprised at how many people signed up considering I am just getting over a very bad 3 weeks where we gave alot of profit back.


My service is  $600 year. Includes all picks in all sports.

You can email me at 



If you follow my plays you will make money.