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 have been a winning sports bettor since 1999, and a Professional Handicapper at since 2004.

Analyzing sports year round is not only a full time job but a passion and an obsession. MY method of handicapping uses a combination of Trends, Match-ups, Logical Analysis and The Contender Database. I designed and built The Contender Database to predict every game in every sport, and i have consistently picked 60%+ winners in all sports over the last several years.

THE NHL is a particular specialty and my Champion picks won the Wagertracker NHL Challenge in 2007 and 2008. My NHL Champion Picks come in consistently at 65 to 67%. In 2013/2014 Season i won the NHL contest and profited more than 255 units. $100 bettors won $25,000 with me last season!

I also specialize in early season MLB Moneyline Underdogs. These selections went 44-29 on dogs of +111 to +149 before the All Star break in 2013, profiting $3,344 with $100 flat bets.

I bet every game on my Players Card, so we Cash Wins together. If you don’t Win neither do I.

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